Liquid Amber Tattoo & Art Collective

Art Direction / Branding / Positioning / Environment Design

Established in 2001, Liquid Amber Tattoo & Art Collective is Vancouver’s first female owned-and-operated tattoo shop. Located in historic Gastown. It began as a passion to contribute to the rise of females in the tattoo industry.

In recent years, Liquid Amber recognized the need to bring clarity to their marketing strategy and target demographic. Together, we rebranded and positioned their business as an exclusive, longstanding tattoo and art collective studio, targeting a higher-end market. Further, we built an atmosphere that was community minded, connecting, and attractive to their clientele.

strategy / logo & brand development / print & digital/ Environment Design

business cards

Their logo was embossed into the business cards, making it visible on the front and back, as well as adding an interesting dimensional element. This technique was specifically chosen to produce a high-end, tactile finish.

artist contributions

Custom illustrative artwork was commissioned by each tattoo artist to represent their unique style. These were used to create personalized collateral that related to each individual artist. In addition, we art directed a refreshed photography style for each artist to feature them on print and digital platforms.

aftercare cards

Liquid Amber needed a re-design on their aftercare cards  to be clear and concise. We used visual icons to help identify key steps listed in the card instructions.

closing remarks

The final result created a unconventional look for a modern day tattoo shop targeting to a creative and professional female market. Each element, ranging from print digital & signage, compliments each other by portraying a high-quality and clean aesthetic that represents the values of Liquid Amber Tattoo & Art Collective.